Running the race with passion

Running the race with Passion

May 2nd, 2021

Reading about Jesus does not mean we know Him personally. Reading about the President of the United States may make you feel you know him well but that may not be true. Knowing a lot about him does not make you know him personally. Some Religious Scholars have studied the bible without the light of the Holy Spirit, so they could not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When you run the race with passion, you are not afraid of what people will do to you. Passion for His calling made Paul ignore the warnings of pending chains and tribulation (Acts 21:10-13).

Passion allows you to pursue your vision whatever the cost. Passion will make it possible to persevere. If you have passion for God, you will have passion for the things of God. You will be glad when they say, let us go to the house of God. You will not be found wanting at the time of prayer. Passion for God is missing in the church these days. We need to pray that God will bring passion back into our homes and our lives. I pray that the Holy Spirit will work on us and give us passion to run the race.