churches in YorktonCreativity/Decoration


If you are someone that likes designing spaces, working with flowers, creating a beautiful creative atmosphere, or just want to be part of a fulfilling ministry, the Creative/Decorating Ministry is the right spot for you. This is a ministry that involves great exchanging of ideas and visions bringing them to fruition all to glorify God. It’s all about enhancing and complimenting the service as well as creating a conducive atmospere

churches in YorktonMen of Purpose

Men of Purpose

DICA Yorkton’s men of Purpose ministry is set up to assist our men to become enviable leaders in their respective communities, in their families, and in having a personal walk with the Lord. Irrespective of your age, as long as you are a man we encourage you to be a part of this group doing great exploits. Get Involved

churches in YorktonDestiny Seekers

Destiny Seekers

The destiny seekers’ ministry is strictly designed for those 55 years and above praying and seeking their God-assured destinies. Get Involved

churches in YorktonWelfare/Follow-up


The welfare/hospitality/follow-up ministry sees to the well-being and harnesses all available resources within DICA Yorkton to provide for those in need. They identify individuals with specific needs and come up with a supporting strategy. They also follow up on church members who for some reason did not show up in church over a time period. Get Involved

churches in YorktonTechnical


The Media/Technical Ministries team is committed to serving Christ and the church by providing the multimedia support necessary to reach out to the church community.  This ministry is very vital in assisting the Pastor and Worship Department to effectively communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, responsible for the operation of all audio equipment for worship services, musical productions, and catering to online viewers. Get Involved

churches in YorktonProtocols


The protocol department of DICA Yorkton is set up to work hand in hand with other team ministries for the sole purpose of achieving Church growth and kingdom expansion and to carry out any duties that may be assigned to the ministry group from time to time by the leadership of the ministry. A few of their duties include: To maintain law and order within the ministry To help control

churches in YorktonPrayer Band

Prayer Band

The prayer band ministry is saddled with the responsibility of intercession and prayer for the church, its members, all events, etc both globally and locally in harmony with the scriptures. Get Involved

churches in YorktonWomen’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

The Dica Yorkton women’s ministry is set up simply to help women of our community and outskirt to move closer to the Lord as well as to apply biblical principles to their daily life. Also, to educate the church about simple issues that affect women out there. When women converge and have discussions, they transform their world to make indelible marks. Get Involved

churches in YorktonBuilding Maintenance

Building Maintenance

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Colossians 3:12 This team comprises a group of individuals that works at keeping our church building clean and taking charge of the environment! Cleaning involves light cleaning: vacuuming, emptying trashes, and general cleanup. After they’re done, they have a little time of fellowship as they enjoy some treats.  As you get involved

churches in YorktonChoir/Destiny Voices

Choir/Destiny Voices

If you have been blessed by God with the gift of singing, give it as a living sacrifice to Him by joining this very special ministry; Destiny Voices. Destiny Voices just like every other ministry is a voluntary group “Serving God through singing and a powerful means of moving members of the congregation to truly worship and praise God in spirit and in truth. “Come before Him with joyful songs”

churches in YorktonChildren & Youths

Children & Youths

DICA Yorkton’s children & youth ministry exists to glorify God through evangelizing children & youths, encouraging parents, and edifying servants so that the gospel may be spread among our younger generation,  and in the long run, the church is strengthened while families are firm in the gospel. Get Involved

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