Building Confidence & Hope in God

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Expectation and Confidence in God

Notwithstanding the numerous individual issues, political jabber, and COVID, God is as yet in charge.

This world is loaded up with inconveniences, difficulty, and agony that occasionally appear to be without solution. Be that as it may, with Jesus as our Anchor, we have a long list of motivations to trust and accept for things in life to improve.

In the midst of inconceivable difficulty and agony, in any event, when you can’t detect his presence, God is there.

So continue imploring and accepting, and one day, your weights will lift, and it will be as an excellent spring day; with the sun sparkling, the blossoms sprouting, and the birds singing.

Maybe, with the acknowledgment that God has seen you through one more tempest, you will say, “I realized I could depend on you, Father, thank you, it’s a very decent world all things considered.”