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Pastor Pre Ovia is the founder of Destiny International Christian Assembly. He is the General Overseer of DICA worldwide with the headquarters in London, UK. He had been in ministry for over 30yrs before God called him out in 2006 to start DICA. Pastor Pre preaches the uncompromising word of God with great insight.
Pastor Pre is blessed with wisdom, a plethora of gifts and talents, and is devoted to his calling of developing other people to fulfill their potential in Christ Jesus. He is committed to enabling them to identify their latent God-given potential and provides support all through the training and developing process. A Pastor of pastors, he has nurtured many to the point of running their own congregations as well as living out their callings. Pastor Pre travels worldwide teaching and strengthening the body of Christ, working with many ministries to expand the kingdom. He is married to Pastor Tina
Pastor Tina Ovia co-labors with her husband and is the founder of Daughters of Destiny (DOD) International, the women's arm of DICA. DOD is a mentoring network for virtuous Christian women, to help women achieve their God-given destinies. Pastor Tina is a Mother in Israel who is passionate that everyone has a specific gift as well as a sphere of influence within which to effect spiritual change, economic development, and social reform according to God’s design.

“Preparedness! Ezra's heart was prepared ahead of the assignment. Is your heart prepared?"

Our Vision
Establishing Ministries And Releasing Destinies through the preaching of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ being the power of God unto salvation to all that believe.
Mission & Purpose
To Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and make His truth and love known; Evangelize the Lost for Christ; Edify and Equip the body of Christ and to Reach our community for Christ.
churches in Yorkton

DICA - Yorkton

Pastor Dag Lawale is the lead pastor of Destiny International Christian Assembly, Yorkton, Canada.
Pastor Dag together with his wife, Bukky started the Yorkton branch of DICA in Yorkton in 2011 after months of seeking the face of God for direction.
Pastor Dag gave his life to Christ during his undergraduate days at the University of Ibadan. He is an ardent teacher of the word. He has the desire to help Christians grow in their faith and walk with God and for people to realize the real purpose for their existence.
Pastor Bukky co-labors with her husband in ministry. She became a born again Christian in her first year at the Obafemi Awolowo University. She is passionate about God and His kingdom. Her desire is to see every child of God fully rooted and established in Christ.
The vision of the ministry is to equip the saints with the undiluted word of God in preparation of the second coming of Christ.
Dag and Bukky have a passion for the Lord, the Word, and for the salvation of souls. They are both graduates of medicine and pharmacy respectively.

Statement of Faith

Features of Bible-Believing Churches in Yorkton

Bible-believing churches in Yorkton

Essentially every pioneer I chat with perceives that our lifestyle is moving.

To show up at an advancing society, the assembly of places of worship in Yorkton needs to change. Rapidly.

Do whatever it takes not to misconstrue me, we don’t need to change the message. Just the procedure. One is sacred. The other isn’t.

What isn’t as clear is the thing that the future church will take after, and what kind of characteristics will stamp those sanctuaries.

Regardless, a few examples are getting clear. Not these might be correct, but instead, I think the going with eleven credits depict the kind of spots of love that will have a colossal impact a long time from now.

Bible-Believing Churches in Yorkton – Focusing on A For You Not From You Culture

Andy Stanley routinely talks about what he needs for people, not actually what he needs from them. Places of love in rot much of the time think the extent that what they can get from people – cash, time, improvement, etc

Places of love that will affect the future will be vivacious about what they need for people – money-related balance, magnanimity, the enjoyment of serving, better families, and clearly, Christ at the point of convergence of everyone’s life.

If you need more on this, my friend Jeff Henderson formed an uncommon book on it here.

Bible-believing churches in Yorkton – A Tailored Experience, Not A Tailored Message

You don’t have to tailor the message to unchurched people (see what Andy Stanley says about that here), yet churches that have an impact will tailor the experience.

There were presents under my tree last Christmas. Nevertheless, I’m not a retail outlet fan. 90% of my approval buying occurred on the web. The substance was something almost identical – the experience changed.

Bible-Believing Churches in Yorkton – An Openness To Questions

Most unchurched people today come in with questions that give off an impression of being odd to those of us who spent a lifetime in the house of prayer. Do whatever it takes not to endeavor to answer them right away.

Places of love that appreciate that tolerant requests are just probably as huge as furnishing fast responses will have an impact later on.

We’re tracking down that if you embrace questions, the suitable reactions, over the long haul, find their way into people’s lives. The Holy Spirit truly moves in people’s lives.

Bible-Believing Churches in Yorkton – A High Value On Experimentation

The more customary you are, the less you will regard experimentation. The more productive you are, the less you will regard experimentation. If you start to raise the value of experimentation, you will accelerate change and versatility.

The places of love that interface with their neighborhood be the blessed places sufficiently willing to endeavor an arrangement of things, and who similarly set out to kill them when they quit conveying results.

Bible-Believing Churches in Yorkton – A Quicker, Lighter Footprint

I took in this articulation from my buddy Rich Birch (you ought to examine his blog).

Spots of love need a quicker, lighter impression to create. In the event that you’re believing that millions will collect your construction, you may hold on forever. Get innovative and start looking at advantageous and non-customary techniques for fostering your administration.

Speedier, lighter impressions will be fundamental.

Bible-Believing Churches in Yorkton – Esteeming Online Relationships As Real Relationships

Sanctuaries that aren’t online past a webpage will leave behind this astonishing open door. A real relationship with real people online is… well… real.

Obviously, the opposite is more significant, yet people will unveil to you things online they can’t marshal the strength to uncover to you versus. Whether or not you get them to a ‘certifiable’ church is dynamically sketchy. I would value that. In any case, we’ll need to see.

Whatever amount of you may disdain it, virtual associations are ending up being certified associations. I elucidated this significantly more actually here.

Bible-Believing Churches in Yorkton – Adaptability

You don’t need to change your focal objective (for the most part), notwithstanding, you do need to change your methods.

Versatile and flexible heavenly places that can create around the strategy and different drives will have the chance to carry out the upgrades they need to have an impact pushing ahead.

Bible-Believing Churches in Yorkton – A Willingness To Embrace Smaller To Become Bigger

Super places of love will continue growing, notwithstanding, by far most of us won’t lead uber churches.

Right when little places of love quit endeavoring to be super houses of prayer, advantageous things can happen.

Without a doubt, a steadily expanding number of greater places of love will start tolerating more unassuming settings, regions, and associations to keep on creating. A more unmistakable number of more unassuming settings might be an indication of future sacred spots having an impact.

Bible-Believing Churches in Yorkton – The Ability To Say No

One explanation sanctuaries don’t change is in light of the fact that pioneers are hesitant to deny current people who lean toward things the way wherein they were.

Exactly when you sort out some way to prevent the tendencies from getting some current people, you sort out some way to say yes to a neighborhood that is fit to be reached. (For extra on sorting out some way to say no, see this post.)

Bible-Believing Churches in Yorkton – Untouchable Focus

Places of love that become eager about people outside their dividers will be unquestionably more impressive than spots of love that are enthusiastic about two or three people they have inside their dividers.

Far and away superior, you will have a superior church. We call individuals who are centered around their necessities and requirements vain and adolescent. Mindful and foster sanctuaries will have an impact because of their excitement for people God ponders.

Bible-Believing Churches in Yorkton – Speedy Decision Making

If you have a powerful association that is moderate and frustrated, you will not remain mindful of the speed of progress required. Having staggered underwriting cycles and getting congregational support on the issue will thwart headway.

If you can’t make a decision within 24 hours, your collaboration is exorbitantly drowsy.

In addition, with change happening as radically and impulsively as it is present if you can turn your relationship inside 30 days, you’re exorbitantly lazy. Wondering if there is a Bible-believing church in Yorkton? Check us out at one of our weekly events.